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Birth and motherhood are life changing events. Mama Glow Studio offers antenatal, hypnobirthing and coaching support to empower Mamas at all stages of their journey.



I'm Carrie, founder of Mama Glow Studio based in Cambridgeshire. I'm Mama to two, work within People & Talent, am a L7 qualified coach and unashamedly love leopard print, 90s pop and cronuts. And I'm super passionate about supporting Mama's!

I teach the RCM accredited Calm Births course to help you to have a calm, safe and empowering birth experience that you can remember positively for years to come.

Mama Glow Studio Coaching focuses on Mama's wellbeing when you need it most, whether you are post-natal or years into motherhood. These sessions will focus on topics that are important to you; helping to provide clarity and awareness, build confidence, define your next steps, and a plan of how to succeed.

I predominantly work in Cambridgeshire and London but I can teach anywhere online.



I have been coaching women in periods of transition since 2017; as they approach motherhood, return to work, set up a business, go for a promotion, or find long-term balance as a Mama. 

I trained as a hypnobirthing teacher in 2020 whilst expecting my second child and used all the course techniques to deliver him! I have since worked with a number of women, all having a variety of different births.

All Mama Glow Studio courses can be tailored to individual needs so whatever has brought you to this point, get in touch to ask any questions and discuss how we can best work together.

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The full Mama Glow Studio Experience!

This course will fully prepare you for pregnancy, birth and beyond. From tips for a happy & healthy pregnancy, to what to pack in your hospital bag, the birth & your choices and what to do with your beautiful new arrival - this course has it all.

- 4 x 1.5 hour private sessions (online or at home)

- Royal College of Midwives (RCM) accredited course.

- Access to 7 fantastic relaxation MP3s. These provide lots of variety so you can pick your favourites or use them all! You will also receive a very good goody bag!, course workbook and digital references.

- The entire Pure Hypnobirthing course (detailed below)

- The birth of a Mama and self-care in the early months 

- Learn about the fourth trimester and how to take care of baby including feeding, sleeping and FAQs



This course is ideal for Mamas and Birth Partners who want to learn hypnobirthing and pregnancy mindfulness to achieve a positive birth. This course is often favoured by Mamas on their 2nd or subsequent births, or women/couples already doing an antenatal course (e.g. NCT)

- 3 x 1.5 hour sessions (online or at home)

- Either private sessions, or if you would like to attend with friends made on your antenatal course then discounted group sessions are available.

- Royal College of Midwives (RCM) accredited course.

- Access to 7 fantastic relaxation MP3s. These provide lots of variety so you can pick your favourites or use them all! You will also receive a very good goody bag!, course workbook and digital references.

- Learn about Mama's body, the connection to her mind, and how mindset affects outcome.

- Explore the benefits of hypnobirthing for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

- Discover the importance of the Birth Partners role and encourage their involvement.

- Learn and practice mindfulness and hypnobirthing techniques to empower you. Including relaxation, visualisations, affirmations, breathing techniques (for all stages of birth) and much more!

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Coaching is a beneficial practice throughout life and motherhood. I have a holistic approach to the sessions, offering support professionally and personally.

Often women discover coaching during periods of transition or change. For example, when expecting a new arrival, when returning to work or setting up a business, or when trying to juggle the needs of themselves with that of their partner's & their growing family.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, lacking confidence, just don't feel like you, or are simply wondering "what's next?," get in touch with Mama Glow Studio.

- Free initial phone or Zoom consultation which you can book directly online.

- 1-1.5 hour private coaching sessions.

- Overall course length will vary depending on your requirements.

- A variety of coching techniques and models are used to facilitate thinking, enable insights and encourage you to define and achieve your goals.

Despite having had two babies before I’ve found a new approach with hypnobirthing that I think will be invaluable, both in the build up to what is to come as well as the labour itself.  I wish I could somehow convince my previous self to have done this course first time around, but in fact it was only experiencing birth that led me to realise these tools and mindset are exactly what I needed to not just ‘get through’ but enjoy the experience.

Amy - Mama Glow Pure Hypnobirthing


Thanks to working with Carrie and undergoing the course, we have felt so much more empowered to tackle what is to come with confidence and positivity. Overall the course has really allowed for us to shift our mindset from one of anxiety and the unknown, to a feeling of taking back control. The hypnobirthing techniques that Carrie led us through have given us tangible and effective tools for labour and birth leaving us feeling both calmer and more prepared. Finally I feel able to trust in my body which previously I had felt had let me down. I’m now looking forward to birth and can’t wait to meet my baby - thanks Carrie!

Bex & Ben - Mama Glow Pure Hypnobirthing



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