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Birth and motherhood are life changing events. Mama Glow Studio offers antenatal, hypnobirthing and coaching support to empower Mamas at all stages of their journey.



I'm Carrie, founder of Mama Glow Studio based in Cambridgeshire. I'm Mama to one + bump, hypnobirthing & antenatal teacher and a Level 7 qualified Coach.

I teach the RCM accredited Calm Births course and am super passionate about the techniques to help women & their birth partners through pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

I have been an Executive Coach since 2017, and now offer Mama Glow Coaching, working with women in periods of transition either professionally or personally. This can range from managing the anxieties of imminent motherhood, to finding the confidence to return to work, or supporting you to find your long-term balance as a Mama. 

I predominantly work in Cambridgeshire and London but I can teach anywhere online!

My aim is to ensure you have a calm, safe and empowering birth experience that you can remember positively for years to come. And through coaching, I provide ongoing support that enhances Mama's wellbeing at all stages, helping you to be a capable, strong and happy mum. 




Despite having had two babies before I’ve found a new approach with hypnobirthing that I think will be invaluable, both in the build up to what is to come as well as the labour itself.  I wish I could somehow convince my previous self to have done this course first time around, but in fact it was only experiencing birth that led me to realise these tools and mindset are exactly what I needed to not just ‘get through’ but enjoy the experience.

Amy - Mama Glow Revive


Thanks to working with Carrie and undergoing the course, we have felt so much more empowered to tackle what is to come with confidence and positivity. Overall the course has really allowed for us to shift our mindset from one of anxiety and the unknown, to a feeling of taking back control. The hypnobirthing techniques that Carrie led us through have given us tangible and effective tools for labour and birth leaving us feeling both calmer and more prepared. Finally I feel able to trust in my body which previously I had felt had let me down. I’m now looking forward to birth and can’t wait to meet my baby - thanks Carrie!

Bex & Ben - Mama Glow Pure Hypnobirthing


Emma - Mama Glow Coaching

"Carrie showed genuine interest in me and my current situation and we built rapport quickly. I felt that her approach was tailored to me and through perceptive questioning, she challenged me to broaden my thinking. We created a robust plan to help me achieve my goals. I found our sessions enjoyable and so beneficial"




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