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Bex Birth Story - Baby Gracie - Positive Induction

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Gracie Summer Major was born on the 25th August to over the moon first time parents Bex & Ben.

Bex's Mama Glow Birth Story:

I was booked in for an induction at 40 weeks and despite hearing lots of horror stories about the induction process, I was determined to have a calm and positive birth, follow my birth preferences as closely as possible and use all the tools I had learnt from my hypnobirthing course. This mindset from the start, set me up for what was to come.

On arrival at the hospital, I was taken to the induction ward and given a cervical examination. At this point I was already 1-2cm dilated so I hoped this would mean things would move a bit faster. Once the initial pessary was in, the staff made a point of telling me to settle in as it was likely things could take up to 3 days to get going. After watching a bit of TV and eating dinner I was disappointed that nothing was happening and decided to get ready for bed. At this point my husband Ben had to leave the ward for the night as visiting hours were over. I wasn’t worried as the midwife assured us again that it was likely nothing would happen for at least 24 hours.

As soon as Ben left, I got on my ball and started bouncing whilst watching a film and began to feel lots of period style cramping. Just an hour on and the cramping had intensified considerably and was coming in waves. At this point I had my bloody show so I knew something was starting! When the midwife came to monitor me, she reassured me again that this was normal and just a sign of my cervix softening. I remember thinking that surges must be incredibly painful if this was just ‘cramping’! I used my easy breathing to keep calm and positive. I had another cervical exam on request and the midwife confirmed I had moved to 3 cm dilated. Left on my own, over the next hour, I began to get surges that were extremely powerful, with each one the urge to push was becoming strong and I kept thinking I needed to go to the toilet! All I could do was use mountain breath to get through this time alone. I tried to visualise the mountain, as well as using the breathing technique. That hour was incredibly painful but my breathing got me through and kept me calm.

When the midwife returned, I told her I felt the need to push. She seemed surprised but did another cervical exam and found that I was fully dilated, she could also see that my baby’s heart rate had gone up considerably so called the Consultant. They both agreed that they needed to remove the pessary and move me to the labour ward immediately! At this point, I insisted I needed the toilet and when they helped me to stand my waters broke all over the floor in true Hollywood style! I realised that my baby was coming soon and used my affirmations to remind myself that she would soon be here and with every surge I was closer to meeting her, this really helped me to push away any fear and panic at this point, which I think might have been the ‘transition’ moment! Meanwhile the midwife asked me to call Ben and tell him to hurry!

All through this period of time, I continued to use mountain breath with every surge. Even as they ran me down the corridor to the labour ward, I was using my breath! At this point I had already started to get involuntary pushing and once given the green light, began to use my birth breathing to push the baby out. Luckily Ben arrived and was able to start supporting me with the breathing technique and staying calm. I had a sense that there was some worry in the room as two Consultants came in to support the birth and there was talk of using ‘intervention’. Ben really encouraged me to focus and progress naturally and with that I was able to really focus, listen to advice for pushing and concentrate on using my breath despite the pain.

After what felt like 20 minutes but was about two hours of pushing, Gracie Summer Major was born healthy and happy and I’ve never been prouder of myself and my body! Ben really advocated for me and supported me to stay calm and breathe baby out. Without the hypnobirthing course, we would have both really panicked about our baby’s health and the speed and intensity of the birth, particularly when I was labouring alone. Instead I actually felt in control and very positive about it! I will always look back at the experience as an incredible time, when my body welcomed our baby! I still can’t believe I did it all with only breathing techniques and some gas and air! Thanks to Carrie and the fabulous hypnobirthing techniques!

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