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Gabby Birth Story - Baby Sienna - Swift Birth with no Interventions

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Sienna Crofts was born on the 6th January to gorgeous first time parents Gabby & Henry.

Gabby's Mama Glow birth story:

My waters broke during the night of January 5th. As my labour had not started by the afternoon of the 6th, after an examination we were booked in for an induction at 10pm that night.

In the meantime we returned home to get cosy, hoping things would start naturally. After lighting the fire and bouncing on my birthing ball, I started feeling some twinges at 5.30pm. After fitting my TENS machine, I begun using the breathing techniques Carrie had taught us.

I started to track each on an app but I was so in the zone with my breathing, it was my husband who noticed that they were already at 2 minutes apart.

We reached the hospital at 7.30pm, 2 hours after the start of my labour. I believe I reached transition at this point, as despite wanting a labour without intervention, I immediately begun asking for an epidural! I was examined and was fully dilated! The gas and air combined with the breathing techniques quickly meant I was calm and in the zone again.

We spent the next 2 hours focussing on the tools Carrie had given us, in particular the affirmations, visualisations and breathing. The whole process felt really natural and with the help of our midwife, who gave us space and dimmed the lighting, our little girl arrived at 9pm weighing 5lb 14oz.

When she arrived, we felt so calm and loved, being able to enjoy the golden hour of skin to skin and feeding.

We could not recommend Carrie and Mama Glow Studio enough. The course meant we felt prepared and got to enjoy the birth of our little girl (having felt very anxious at the start!)

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