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Lucy Birth Story - Baby Emilija - Induction & Back to Back Birth

Emilija was born on the 27th April to Lucy & Tom and her 2 big sisters.

Lucy & Tom were keen to explore hypnobirthing as Lucy had had two very different birth experiences previously and wanted to ensure she was in control of her third.

Lucy's Mama Glow Birth Story:

I knew throughout my pregnancy I was likely to be induced due to having type 1 diabetes. I was given a date and rang to check there was space on the day and we made our way in. We were both feeling excited & relaxed.

I was induced around 8pm with a pessary and Tom & I watched Googlebox. Then he headed home and I was placed on a ward for the night. At 10am the next day no twinges had started and I was told it was busy on labour ward, so I remained where I was, helping another lady with her surges! I began to feel a bit frustrated as nothing was happening. Tom visited for a few hours in the afternoon, we watched TV & had dinner but there was still only light twinges and no clear answers on the next steps.

That evening, I felt as though baby’s movements had reduced, so they hooked me up for a CTG. The Midwives assessed me and wanted to move me to the delivery suite for additional checks as baby’s heart rate was raised. At this point I began to feel worried but remained calm and focused as I was moving to the delivery suite and would get to see Tom soon.

We got to the suite around 11pm and the most wonderful Midwife appeared, full of life & energy. She recommended I be put on a dehydration drip as this could be the reason for change in heart rate. She was very reassuring about the baby and told me she wasn’t worried. However, the Doctor then came to do their checks and said I should have my waters broken to move things along...

By this point it was the middle of the night and I said to Tom I didn’t want waters broken at that time, I needed some rest. Tom encouraged me to speak to the Midwife as it was my birth, and I’m so glad I spoke up. I'll always remember the Midwife said; ‘we are your advocates and we will advocate for you to have the birth that you want’. She pushed back to the doctor and agreed to wait to break my waters as she wasn’t worried about the baby. She then made a bed for Tom, turned off all the lights and said 'we’ll see you in the morning!'

I felt so in control which felt amazing!

She came back in around 7am and did her checks. I burst into tears I was so grateful to her for the space and time to rest!

It was then changeover time so I went through my birth plan with the new Midwife. I was keen to use the birth pool and the Midwife explained I would need wireless monitoring due to being high risk and she didn’t sound sure it would be possible. She broke my waters 8am which I was happy to allow her to do, and things did start to intensify afterwards.

Some time later they asked if a medical student could do some note taking training which I was happy to do & then agreed he could watch the birth too. This whole time I was relaxed, using my breathing techniques and bouncing on my birth ball. Then the Midwives told me they had got the pool room ready for me!! I was so happy and moved into that room at around 12pm.

Tom set the room up with my lighting, music and our essential oils and I was bouncing on my ball. I laboured for a long time in the afternoon just breathing with the oils, then added in some gas + air as things intensified.

Next I got into the pool which felt so lovely! I laboured calmly in there for 45 minutes and was very happy, but unfortunately had to get out as they didn’t want me to deliver in the pool due to being high risk.

I then chose to kneel over the back of the bed. I did have a couple of examinations at this point which didn’t feel natural to my process and were uncomfortable but were required. I continued with the breathing and started to use my voice towards the end to expel any tension which felt really powerful.

Then Emilija was born! Back to back, at 6.38pm. Around 48 hours after the pessary went in.

The medical student Reece cried as it was his first birth, and as Tom wasn’t keen to cut the cord, I requested he do it! It was our student Midwife’s 2nd birth and she commented on how lovely & amazing it was. And our midwife said; ‘when you have a birth like this you feel on top of the world when you leave work’ – I was so proud!

The entire way through Tom was doing lots of massaging, stroking, cooling me down and saying affirmations. He felt as though he had more of a role in this birth, talking me through breaths and reminding me to stay in control.

Throughout the labour, the breathing techniques learnt with Mama Glow Studio kept me super focused and in control. Everything else adds to the experience but these were incredible. I’m telling everyone who’s considering doing hypnobirthing to absolutely do it! It’s a necessity not an option.

My experience was so empowering - everything I wanted it to be & more.

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