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Stef Birth Story - Baby Olivia - Water Birth with no Interventions

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Olivia Harrison was born on the 1st October to the wonderful Stef & Richard.

Stef's Mama Glow birth story:

I was due on the 2nd October and Olivia is my first baby, so I was fully prepared to go past my due date! However, on the evening of the 30th Sept I was in the local pub with my husband and I started to feel tightenings around 6.30pm. The tightenings continued back at home during our tea, and as I was washing up the dishes my waters broke at 9.40pm. I called the midwife who suggested coming into hospital to be checked and everything progressed very quickly from there...

While we were in the car on route to the hospital, the contractions were coming every 2 minutes and intensifying. I was focusing on my breathing and implementing what I had learnt from Carrie during our Mama Glow Studio sessions.

When we arrived at hospital my contractions developed and within the next 45 minutes I believe I was in the transition phase of labour as I felt this enormous pressure and a need to push. I remembered the sound advice from Carrie that "our bodies are made to do this" and "to give into the urge to push and go with it.” I definitely think having received this advice beforehand, that I was better prepared and able to deal with what was happening without feeling scared at all. At this point I needed some gas and air to help take the edge off the peak of my contractions. I had also decided to enter the birthing pool. After 30 minutes in the pool our beautiful daughter entered the world at 1.04am.

I had a very quick labour that progressed through each stage fairly rapidly. The breathing techniques Carrie provided me with were the best tools, and allowed me to have a natural birth on just gas and air. I had prepared music and a playlist but with everything happening so fast I never used them! However, I had listened to it during my pregnancy whilst practising my breathing which allowed me to get into a state of relaxation, so using this technique in the lead up still contributed to my positive labour.

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